606 Universal Shelving System

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A timeless classic. 606, the evergreen wall-mounted or free-standing system, is extremely flexible. The fluid, airy, versatile program is entirely made of matte black or white satin-finish anodized aluminum. At home, it’s a bookcase and storage unit with sliding door cabinets or an element with a drop-down shelf for the bar, while CD’s and DVD’s find space in the drawer units. It’s also a wardrobe (with hanging rods, shelves and drawers). In the office, it’s a filing system or a display unit that keeps objects and accessories neatly organized. This practical system of modular elements with its sleek, understated style can be arranged and adapted for many different situations.

Uprights: Used to create partition shelving. The uprights support these shelves and are fitted and se- cured to the floor and ceiling. Therefore, it is important to check the hold and tightness of the ceilings. The uprights for partition shelving cannot be fitted when there are false ceilings of any kind. In case of false ceilings, please note that the uprights can be fitted ONLY when they are close to wall, fastened through wall brackets. The uprights can be adjusted in height by 4 cm at the top and 4 cm in the lower part by adjusting the end elements. The uprights must be properly matched with the profiles.

Extensions: Used to increase the height of uprights.

Brackets: Used for wall-mounted shelving systems installed with uprights. They are necessary for wall fixing. Their use is highly recommended when shelves have to hold a great deal of weight and for all uprights that are higher than 3 m.

Reinforcement Crosspieces: Used solely for shelving with uprights. They should be installed in every bay, one for each meter of height (e.g. 3 crosspieces for 3 meters in height). 

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