NR2 Medium - Suspension Lamp


Design: Bertjan Pot (2015)

MPlastic, Polyester.

An elegant, bright, lighthearted bubble is dressed in a fine web of white thread that shines and glimmers in the light. Thanks to an integrated LED lamp, this new creation by Bertjan Pot subtly diffuses its soft, magic glow around the room.

The fiberglass threads are finer while the shape of the lamp more elongated and symmetric, forming a harmonious bubble of glossy light. The cap, cable, and canopy are available in black or white. The fiberglass globe is always white, only 'Just Black' comes with a black globe. Minimum of 11.8in | 30cm from the ceiling.

Input voltage: 120V
Power consumption: MAX 12W
Color temperature: 2700K / CRI 82
Dimmable: Mains dimmable, see website for dimming advice.
Luminous flux (Lumen, lm): 450 lm
Cable color: Matching with cap
Canopy: Matching with the cap of fixture
Recommended dimmer specs: For fluent dimming behavior we advise a dimmer that is compatible with the following specs:
Transformer type:  Electronic Low Voltage (ELV)
Load type: Capacitive load (C-Type)
Dimmer type: Trailing edge / Reverse phase

Please note the functioning of the dimmer and the power supply combination can never be predicted, it always needs to be tested in practice.

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