Marcio Kogan Bowl


Design: Marcio Kogan (2011)

Material: Copper and rubber.

Marcio Kogan worked on a series of bowls who are characterized by a simple and clear language as well as a matter-of-fact functionality. Secondly, he is aware of the craft traditions and the reach amount of different materials in his country. And thirdly he is a great admirer of the Brazilian modernist generation including the Niemeyer shapes and architecture. Kogan is presenting bowls with a crafty touch and a high tech look, mixing a maximum of functionality with a minimum of visible design complexity.

Genuine Brazilian materials such as rubber and exotic woods combined with bamboo, copper, gold, and titanium give originality in textures and aesthetics. Each of the copper curved shaped bowls has a diameter of 15.7in | 40cm and a height of 3.1in | 8cm. The inside of the shells is lined with rubber, fine wood, bamboo, gold or titanium.

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